Aspiring Model

Last night I dreamt I hung out with Beyonce and George Clooney was my boo. It was blissful.😌😴

I swear my mom is like my guardian angel. She’s the only reason I believe God is real. Our relationship is worth more than any amount of money, fame, or material thing. So fortunate to have her in my life.❤️

My heart always does a backflip when someone compliments my cooking skills. When they are intrigued by not only the taste but the smell too, ah bliss.😌🍛🍲🍜😌

Career game, weak. Love life, weak. Social life, weak.


Following your dreams is fucking never ending hard work man.

Saw Dylan Sprouse today at some random coffee shop near NYU, andddd he is beautiful as shit. 😍

Q: camille


asked by insanityisoptional
Q: You are gorgeous darling! x Have a great sunday :)

Thank you :)

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Q: You look ur from ethiopian and eritrean basically u look east african :)

Lol I get that a lottttt, they’re beautiful. :)

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Q: Where are you from?

da souf.

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I pray this trip to New York isn’t as stressful as I think it will be..