Working on me, my businesses, and creating a stable and healthy future for myself has become so much more crucial than finding a “bae” right now. Dating, while is a desire of mine, will not make me a millionaire/the next Beyonce. I’m really reevaluating my priorities at this current stage in my life. My security and passion in my career are so much more valuable than dating a guy my age that can’t fully grasp how to emotionally, financially, and spiritually be my partner/team member in life.

Done with the mediocre guys that sell you a bullshit dream just to get you feeling good enough to peel you out of your clothes. Just to drop off the earth and leave you feeling empty. It’s not worth the emotional scars. I hate that it took me this long to realize how much I’m worth and actually implement changes in my life based on my self-value.

Throwing away your old and ineffective ways of doing things and adapting smarter tactics really help keep you on track to having the life you want and believe you deserve.

Anonymous asked:

What are some things you do for self-care?


make organic skin masks, try a new look with hair, vinyasa flow yoga, thoroughly organize my closet & room, get pedicures, get enough sleep at night (!!!!), make daily lists of 4 good things, splurge on new skincare products, eat large portions of food i like & not feeling guilty, spend time at the beach with my boyfriend, meditate, visualize my dream life & my dream self, practice expressing myself in healthy ways

Anonymous asked:

How many times do you think you can fall in love with someone and how do you knw if its true love? cud use some advice <3

Hm, I think you can fall in love with someone multiple times, it’s not impossible. I have. There are many different types of love. Some healthy and some toxic. You are the only one that defines what true love is not your friends, parents, media, or society. If you feel in your heart that you love someone then that’s true love, in my opinion. Love takes effort and if you and your partner are willing to put forth the energy to maintain that love then yeah go for it. If not, move on.

Jumping out of the cycle and allowing myself to soak in the healing process.

Becoming so aware of myself and the angels around me.

It’s really rough but rewarding. 

When someone treats you like you treated someone else,

and it’s like damn that sucked. Is that really how you treat people, jeez.

I need to be kinder.

Lesson Learned.