Aspiring Model


I like smoking weed i like gettin fly. I like havin sex I like girls who ride.


Last night I dreamt I hung out with Beyonce and George Clooney was my boo. It was blissful.😌😴

I swear my mom is like my guardian angel. She’s the only reason I believe God is real. Our relationship is worth more than any amount of money, fame, or material thing. So fortunate to have her in my life.❤️

My heart always does a backflip when someone compliments my cooking skills. When they are intrigued by not only the taste but the smell too, ah bliss.😌🍛🍲🍜😌


Following your dreams is fucking never ending hard work man.

Saw Dylan Sprouse today at some random coffee shop near NYU, andddd he is beautiful as shit. 😍

Q: camille


asked by insanityisoptional
Q: You are gorgeous darling! x Have a great sunday :)

Thank you :)

asked by whatiicantsay
Q: You look ur from ethiopian and eritrean basically u look east african :)

Lol I get that a lottttt, they’re beautiful. :)

asked by Anonymous
Q: Where are you from?

da souf.

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